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I'm looking for an example of a TCustomDataSet implementation in C++ beyond the TTextDataset example that ships as an example project within C++ Builder.

The TTextDataset is hard to learn from because the code is not documented very well and it only shows a single field example.

I've created my own class that descends TDataSet and it mostly works however, the GUI controls (grids mostly) don't work 100% for certain use cases.

Anyone have some good links on this topic...

Here is a link to the example code I used to study from:

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I have a couple of examples. but unfortunately they are in Delphi, but you should get the idea: Example 1 Example 2

The second one goes into a bit more explanation and is one I used to base a custom dataset on that did binding to UI (In delphi).

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I already knew of those examples - Thanks! I really have a hard time understanding the object pascal. I can follow most of it and I have used those examples to make corrections in my own class but I'm still having problems that would most likely be more apparent to me if I had a C++ implementation –  Eric Oct 7 '08 at 12:31

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