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If you look at the source code for slf4j-api (any modern version, say, 1.7.5), there is a LoggerFactory class with the following method:

private static Set findPossibleStaticLoggerBinderPathSet() {
    // use Set instead of list in order to deal with  bug #138
    // LinkedHashSet appropriate here because it preserves insertion order during iteration
    Set staticLoggerBinderPathSet = new LinkedHashSet();
    try {
        ClassLoader loggerFactoryClassLoader = LoggerFactory.class
        Enumeration paths;
        if (loggerFactoryClassLoader == null) {
            paths = ClassLoader.getSystemResources(STATIC_LOGGER_BINDER_PATH);
        } else {
            paths = loggerFactoryClassLoader
        while (paths.hasMoreElements()) {
            URL path = (URL) paths.nextElement();
    } catch (IOException ioe) {"Error getting resources from path", ioe);
    return staticLoggerBinderPathSet;

This is called when you call any Logger method (debug, info, warn, error, etc.) and the SLF4J binding has not yet been initialized. It's how SLF4J determines which binding to use at runtime.

Basically, one way to write a proper binding for SLF4J is to implement your own org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder class. However, the slf4j-api JAR also comes with it's own dummy org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder implementation, probably to prevent compiler errors during SLF4J development (or to act as a no-op fallback if no such StaticLoggerBinder is provided by the binding).

Hence, if you have slf4j-api-1.7.5 and slf4j-simple-1.7.5 on your runtime classpath, then the first time you go to use, say, Logger#info(String), the StaticLoggerBinder defined in the slf4j-simple JAR will be selected over the StaticLoggerBinder defined in the slf4j-api JAR.

I'm trying to understand how this "preference"/prioritization (of binding impl over api impl) works. How does the above method first choose the binding's StaticLoggerBinder over the dummy StaticLoggerBinder provided in slf4j-api?

Thanks in advance!

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The dummy StaticLoggerBinder is simply not included in the slf4j-api jar file.

See the pom.xml in the slf4j-api source code here. The dummy binder gets deleted.

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