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I'm trying to use a OSC Library for Unity called UnityOSC_FS I understand how the library is working, but I'm having a problem getting the Data .

When I'm trying to transform de data from byte to string the encoding function seems to have some problems.

part of the code is this:

 public OSCPacket Receive()
            IPEndPoint ip = null;
            byte[] bytes = this.udpClient.Receive(ref ip);
            if (bytes != null && bytes.Length > 0)
                return OSCPacket.Unpack(bytes);


  public static OSCPacket Unpack(byte[] bytes)
        int start = 0;
        return Unpack(bytes, ref start, bytes.Length);

    public static OSCPacket Unpack(byte[] bytes, ref int start, int end)
        if(bytes[start] == '#') return OSCBundle.Unpack(bytes, ref start, end);
        else return OSCMessage.Unpack(bytes, ref start);


    public static OSCMessage Unpack(byte[] bytes, ref int start)
        string address = unpackString(bytes, ref start);
        //Console.WriteLine("address: " + address);
        OSCMessage msg = new OSCMessage(address);

        char[] tags = unpackString(bytes, ref start).ToCharArray();
        //Console.WriteLine("tags: " + new string(tags));
        foreach(char tag in tags)
            //Console.WriteLine("tag: " + tag + " @ "+start);
            if(tag == ',') continue;
            else if(tag == INTEGER) msg.Append(unpackInt(bytes, ref start));
            else if(tag == LONG) msg.Append(unpackLong(bytes, ref start));
            else if(tag == DOUBLE) msg.Append(unpackDouble(bytes, ref start));
            else if(tag == FLOAT) msg.Append(unpackFloat(bytes, ref start));
            else if(tag == STRING || tag == SYMBOL) msg.Append(unpackString(bytes, ref start));
            else Console.WriteLine("unknown tag: "+tag);

        return msg;

The problem seems to happening here:

      protected static string unpackString(byte[] bytes, ref int start)
        int count= 0;
        for(int index = start ; bytes[index] != 0 ; index++, count++) ;
        string s = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(bytes, start, count);
        start += count+1;
        start = (start + 3) / 4 * 4;
        return s;

The only result I'm getting for the address is ??

and I'm not sure what is wrong

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What or where is the OSC message being sent from? software / hardware? –  RugCode Jul 30 '13 at 14:01
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