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i have a problem with apache mina and websocket communication.

The handshake works fine and i have a working connection with my server, but if my client sends a string to my server, the strings receive but i can't show them in console.

public void messageReceived(IoSession session, Object message) throws Exception {
if(message.toString().length() > 20 && message.toString().substring(0, 17).equals("Sec-WebSocket-Key")) {
  new Thread(new WebsocketHandler(session, message)).start();
} else {

My server log says that the message receives

INFO: RECEIVED: HeapBuffer[pos=0 lim=10 cap=2048: 81 84 88 45 2B 31 DC 00 78 65]

but i can't show the message, i think it's my TextLineCodecFactory filter but i don't know why.


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Try this codec which handles everything websocket related:

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