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I'm trying to create a batch script which opens a

1) command window

2) get the command prompt pointing to c (come to root)

3)run dir /s command which performs an extensive scan of the system starting from the root.

The window should not dissapear.

but i' m only able to come to come to c prompt and the command window disappears, i have posted the script here . Please let me know where exactly i'm going wrong .

start cmd /c cd / && dir /s

EDIT : The issue is fixed


 start cmd /c 
cd / && dir /s
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You can use cmd with the /k switch to pass in your commands, such as:

cmd /k "pushd C: & cd\ & dir /s"
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cmd /k "pushd C:\ & dir /s" <--- this should work too –  foxidrive Jul 18 '13 at 9:02

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