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What are the native image dimensions of the icons specified in 'iconUrl' for a custom timeline item action?

This doesn't appear to be documented yet.

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The menuItems's icon should be 50 x 50 pixels and white on transparent according to our documentation on UI Guidelines:

Follow these guidelines when designing your menus:

  • If you specify an icon, use a 50x50 pixel image.
  • Limit display names to a few words if possible.
  • Use the default icon and display name for built-in menu items unless you are using the menu item for something very different.
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Awesome, thanks @Alain. –  Ash Eldritch Jul 19 '13 at 18:24
@Alain does it matter what drawable directory the icon is placed in? mdpi? nodpi? –  nmr Jun 9 '14 at 23:39

Here is a brief list of the specs to guide your development:

Screen aspect ratio
Screen resolution
    640 x 360 pixels
Share contact icon size
    640 x 360 pixels
Menu option icon size
    50 x 50 pixels
Supported media format
    Container: MP4
    Video: H.264 baseline and H.263 baseline
    Audio: AAC and MP3


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This is the default css stylesheet used by the timecards :


It contains the dimensions of all the elements that can be used in the timecard.

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