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I have an application that always worked perfect.
I have a MDIform, that have a menu that open others forms.
Since I placed a new MSCOMM component to work with RFID Reader this form that uses this MSCOMM freezes.

The whole application DOES NOT freezes, just the form that have the MSCOMM1_OnCom event.
I thought it could be some kind of overload, then I tried to use this in the MSCOMM_OnCom

If MSCOMM1.comEvent = comEvReceive Then


End If  

Didn't worked. Then I saw this RThreshold that determines how many bytes to receive before a comEvReceive event is triggered. I think I didn't understand it well.

Does RThreshold determines the max lenght that I'll get from the incomming input ?

To avoid fire the event MSCOMM_OnCom all the time. I thought to set the RThreshold to some value bigger than 0, but when I read the Rfid cards the lenght of the input read from the RFID Reader may vary. So if the RThreshold determines especific the max lenght that I'll read from the MSCOMM then I think it will not work for me.

I just read this:
RThreshold is how many characters you receive before MsComm will call the OnComm event. InputLen is how many characters are in the Input buffer that you will get when you call the .Input method. In either case you may receive more than the RThreshold number of characters when the OnComm event is called by VB

Is it true? May I set RThreshold to 1, but read the whole mscomm.Input ?

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How do you define "freezing"? I find it hard to believe that an serially-connected RFID reader is throwing such volumes of data at you that the event callbacks are consuming all available CPU. You are probably going to need to post the code that access the MSCOMM control. –  tcarvin Jul 17 '13 at 18:56
My codeSource are in the notebook, as soon as possible i'll post here. As I said, it always worked without freezing, before this RFID MSCOMM. I have a form that reads the RFID Cards, also the user can type manually the Card ID. After sometime, it freezes then if you try to type anything, its no longer typing. You need to close that form (not the whole application), then open it again. –  Ghaleon Jul 17 '13 at 19:02
I'd suspect either a program bug that eventually leads to an infinite loop or a device that occasionally "goes insane" and starts streaming garbage data at a high rate. –  Bob77 Jul 18 '13 at 0:58
VB6 programmers are a bit too comfortable about that kind of mishap. STA components like MSComm have a knack for flooding the message loop. Use the SerialPort class to avoid that. –  Hans Passant Jul 21 '13 at 22:42
@HansPassant I guess there is not a SerialPort class in vb6, is there? Only MSComm –  Ghaleon Jul 22 '13 at 13:10

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