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I needed to generate a private/public key that is in openssh format to have me integrate subversion repository to IntelliJ. I have used puttyKeygen.exe already to generate a initial key. But while integrating in IntelliJ, its failing me to authenticate with a same Private key. How can I convert the Putty generated private/public initial key to an openssh format. As I read, that the Subversion integration in IntelliJ uses the Cygwin/openssh format of the private key.

P.S: I have tried puTTykeygen to do the same but no luck! IDEA IDE still fails to authenticate.

Anyone who can shed some light on it would be really helpful.


EDIT After going through the following steps to create an Openssh private key : puttygen has a menu: Conversion -> Export OpenSSH Key That will save the private key to the openssh format.

I have again tried integrating the IDEA using the same key that got generated using above mentioned direction. and got myself failed with the same message saying authentication failed!

enter image description here

I am assuming, the key I obtained is either not openssh format or is there anything I am proceeding wrong with a integration. Could anyone please let me know what possibly could be the reason of me not able to integrate subversion in IDEA?

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Make sure the initial keys that are put to use are one time generated not repeatedly.

Go to Puttykeygen-> conversions-> import the private key(.ppk file) you have generated initially and then-> export openssh key-> save it to the same location and then go to IDEA and follow the below steps: 1. Go to Version control-> Checkout from Version Control-> Subversion and provide the same key and your passphrase. 2. click checkout by providing your username.

It should work!

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Thanks! Yes I was using different generated keys in order to checkout! –  AKIWEB Jul 17 '13 at 21:39

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