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Is it possible to set preloadEnabled="true" for Application Initialization? The schema for Application in ServerManager doesn't seem to recognize the attribute, so when I set the following, no changes occur.

ServerManager serverManager = new ServerManager();
application = serverManager.Sites[0].Applications[0];
application.SetAttributeValue["preloadEnabled"] = "true";

Is it possible to do this through ServerManager, or another way?

Some context: http://www.iis.net/learn/get-started/whats-new-in-iis-8/iis-80-application-initialization

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I don't know if you can do it inside the program itself. I do know you can do it from powershell externally ran as an administrator. –  AmitApollo Jul 17 '13 at 19:00

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See this post

As you mentioned, you need to install the module first because by default it is not installed for IIS8. You can do this with a starup task as outlined in Sandrino Di Mattia's answer and blog post (see link).

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I don't know if you can do it inside the ASP website itself. I do know you can do it from power shell script ran as an Administrator or elevated permissions.

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Two things fixed this for me.

1) Using a boolean instead of a string

application.SetAttributeValue["preloadEnabled"] = true;

2) Installing the Application Initialization first.

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