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having a employees table with following columns

eid    ename    salary    did
100    king     5000      DB
101    kochaar  7000      DB
102    jack     6000      JAVA
103    john     3000      JAVA
104    marry    6000      DB

the o/p iz in the form

did    count(eid)
DB     3
JAVA   2
DB     3
JAVA   2
DB     3

i tried using union all, i'm not sure, how to achieve tiz o/p.

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select  did
,       count(*) over (partition by did)
from    YourTable
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i was new to analytical query, but now i got used to it, thanks. –  ssushmanth Feb 7 '14 at 11:15
select t1.did
       , count(t1.*)
from table1 t1
group by t1.did
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