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I have a development board which has a p4080 processor. The embedded system can operate with Linux kernel 2.6.34 . My aim is to print the console on monitor via AMD graphic card and PCI-Express slot on the board. To do so, I opened framebuffer device on kernel configuration and I opened frame buffer console support. And I formed a new kernel image.

However, when I boot with the new kernel, the board prints an error message, and stops the booting. The message is:

vga16fb: mapped to 0x000a000 __ioremap():phys addr 0xa0000 is RAM lr c0265b54

I do not have enough information about Linux, but I think that I should reserve some memory space for the frame buffer. How do I do it?

If there is any confusion, please ask me. I will try to explain in detail. Thanks a lot for your possible help.

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