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I have somewhat of a strange issue that I need help with. Given the following code snippet:

public partial class CliUpdate : Form

    static DataRow cliRecord;
    static DataView cliView;

    public CliUpdate(DataRow dr)
        cliRecord = dr;
        cliView = cliRecord.Table.DefaultView;          

    void SetFieldValues(){                  
        string recordid = cliRecord["recordid"].ToString();
        cliView.RowFilter = "recordid='" + recordid + "'";          

On the form I have a textbox named tb_basefolder. If I actually type something in the textbox, the datarow field gets properly updated BUT if I give the textbox a value by setting the .Text property, the value does not get updated on the datarow (ie tb_basefolder.Text = @"c:\test";) Can someone shed some light? Have I provided enough information?

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does this work?

   tb_basefolder.DataBindings.Add("Text",cliView,"basefolder",  false, DataSourceUpdateMode.OnPropertyChanged);

why do you use static members for dataview and datarow?

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Typically I wouldn't but was tinkering with the datarow and datview to see if it made a difference. I posted the code with the "tinkering" left in accidentally. Thanks a bunch for your help. –  user1532602 Jul 17 '13 at 21:16

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