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I am working on making repatcha (www.google.com/recaptcha) work with angularjs.

I am running into a problem. Every time the refresh button is clicked, a new image appears but it destroy the to recreate a new one with a new key.

My problem is that I was actually listening to that input thanks to a ng-model that I add (thanks to this thread and Jason) but because the element is destroyed, my watch does not work.

Ideas :

  1. Listen to the creation of a child of an element
  2. Have another field that get updated with the number of children that another element has and watch it's value.

Other suggestions welcome.


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In case someone is looking, this solution worked for me : http://www.brandonturner.net/blog/2009/02/reload_recaptcha_with_error/

I still can't find how to watch for new created child (unless I used livequery which is time consuming) but the hack above works for reCaptcha.

The other solution was to delay whatever I had to do by a second so the image would be loaded but it was not really "safe" to do so.

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