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I decided to upgrade my website to full-blown URL routing and eliminated .aspx extension completely. Everything worked well and seemed pretty good. I however, have one headache and can't seem to get the antidote. My global error trapping is reporting a funny mix of url that I can't figure out where the hell it is coming from.


Throughout the site there's no url like the above. Instead there is :




Though, the AdvancedSearch.aspx is not called directory but routed as


In addition to the AdvancedSearch.aspx I also find other pages appended to the end of a valid routed url. I've investigated this behaviour for weeks and can't seem to find anything wrong with my routing design. I browse the website regularly and have never encountered any errors.

No link on the website points to the pages with .aspx extension and I just dunno where this error is coming from. I don't know if some old browsers are having trouble with URL routes. It works very well while I'm browsing. This error is reported every now and then to my monitoring email log.

Someone please advise me what might be amiss.

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Have you looked for the referer in the web server logs, to see which page is generating the surprising URLs? –  IanBru Jul 17 '13 at 20:44
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