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This is what my code looks like

    public void someTest() {
      String x = "/html/body/div/div["
      String y = "]/a"
         for (int i = 1; i < 5; i++){
            String links = x + i + y;
            driver.findElement(By.xpath(links)).click(); // This will iteratively go to the next link and click on it

What I'm trying to achieve, however, is that once it clicks on the link, it should then look for descendant links and click on those as well. So is there a way of doing that? If I try something like the following, would that work?

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I don't get it. Post the part of your html maybe? – Alexander Petrovich Jul 17 '13 at 21:40
Can you explain what you mean by descendant links? <a> tags don't normally have descendants. Perhaps you could post a representative part of the html, to show us the links you want? – vincebowdren Aug 6 '13 at 15:59
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It's a fragile way of coding, altering the xpath as you go through the loop. Instead, I recommend using the findElements method and looping through the elements it returns, something like this:

public void someTest() {
 xpath xpath_findlinks = "/html/body/div/div/a";
 xpath relative_xpath = "./..//a";
 for (WebElement eachlink : driver.findElements(By.xpath(xpath_findlinks))) {;
  for (WebElement descendantlink : eachlink.FindElements(By.xpath(relative_xpath))) {;

Note a crucial difference. The first time you call findElements it's on the driver, so it's looking through the entire html; but the second time, it's called as a method of a particular element (the current link), so you can use it to find elements relative to that link - e.g. to find descendants.

I recommend using this structure; however, without knowing your overall html it's hard to know what relative xpath to use. The one I have provided is just an example of what a relative xpath might look like, with the distinctive start of ./.

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Try this

  String x = "/html/body/div/div[";
  String y = "]//a"; // notice the double "//"

The // in the XPath should collate all the descendants of type a.

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The problem is that the <a> becomes visible in another <div> after the parent link is clicked. – Donshon Jul 17 '13 at 20:26

You might need logic something like below

//For clicking on descendants of type a under links

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Following code is in Ruby. You can apply same logic using Java:

# get element of first div
element = driver.find_element(:xpath, "/html/body/div") 

# collect all links elements in 'links' 
links = element.find_elements(:xpath, ".//div/a") variable

# iterate over links and click on each link
links.each do |link|
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