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I am new to Git and I just started working on a new branch. I want to make sure I have the latest copy of the master on my computer i.e the changes others made in the master, it has to be merged with my test branch. I tried git pull origin master but that only updates my master branch, so how do I ensure that my test branch is also updated? I want to make sure that the changes I made don't accidentally merge with the master unless I actually want to.

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Do you want to merge master into your test branch or just pull the test branch from the remote? – quantka Jul 17 '13 at 20:31

First you will have to switch to the master branch, so

git checkout master

Now perform git pull origin master

Once the master branch is updated you can switch to your test branch and merge

git checkout testBranch
git merge master

This will update your branch with the latest master.

Hopefully this helps!

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To start with you should checkout master with

git checkout master

Then fetch all the changes with

git fetch origin

Afterwards merge the changes with

git merge origin/master

Before merge

        ^  \                    
     master \oC3--oC4--oC5<--origin/master

After merge

   C1--C2--oC3--oC4--oC5<--master & origin/master

Now checkout your test branch again

After you checked out your test branch you need to do

git rebase master

Git rebase

Git rebase will find the latest common commit between branches master and Test cut the part Test added and merge it back to the end.

After rebase

   C1--C2--oC3--oC4--oC5<--master & origin/master
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