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so I'm trying to display the current facebook share count in a Rails application. I keep getting the "can't convert string to text" error when trying to grab the current URL in my Rails app.

The code works if I put in something like facebook_shares("http://www.google.com") The code does not work if I use facebook_shares("#{request.protocol}#{request.host_with_port}#{request.fullpath}")

Not sure how to fix this problem

Here is my current code...


def facebook_shares(url)
    data = Net::HTTP.get(URI.parse("http://graph.facebook.com/?ids=#{URI.escape(url)}"))
    data = JSON.parse(data)


<% current_url = "#{request.protocol}#{request.host_with_port}#{request.fullpath}" %>
<%= facebook_shares(current_url) %>

When I run this I get a "can't convert string into integer" error. It works if I do the code below:

<% current_url = "http://www.google.com" %>
<%= facebook_shares(current_url) %>

Super lost...

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give the full error stack please –  Arup Rakshit Jul 17 '13 at 20:52

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data[url]['shares'] part is suspicious. Eithere data[url] gives you Array and when you are trying ['shares'] on that Array you are getting the error,which is obvious. Or data itself is Array of something... Thus data[url] throws the error. So inspect first how data is looks like. This error is coming as Array#[] don't allow string inside []. See the below demo code:

arr = [1,2]
# ~> -:2:in `[]': no implicit conversion of String into Integer (TypeError)
# ~>  from -:2:in `<main>'
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I'm not sure. It works when I pass in "anywebsite.com"; but not when I'm trying to get the current url for that page on the rails app. This means that there must be something wrong with the "#{request.protocol}#{request.host_with_port}#{request.fullpath}" –  traviswingo Jul 17 '13 at 21:31
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I figured it out. This was a horrible oversight by myself :p.

I'm in development running on a local server, so I'm pulling localhost:3000/something.

Pushing this and running the function in production works fine. Sorry everyone, but thanks for the help!

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