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I am just curoius to know whether silverlight 4 is going to replace XBAP completly!. Like Full trust XBAP, Can we do everything with current Silverlight 4?. Any comments?.

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This appears to be similar, if not a duplicate, to this question stackoverflow.com/questions/1758070/… –  Jacob Adams Nov 20 '09 at 16:19

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Technically its not a replacement. XBAP delivers the full richeness of WPF and the .NET Framework still missing from Silverlight even when elevate Privs are enabled.

However, IMO, Silverlight 4 would appear to deliver enough to give those who might have considered XBAP pause for thought. To the degree where I would expect that whilst XBAP would continue to be supported it would get sidelined.

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XBAP is in-browser only isn't it? Silverlight 4's trusted mode is only out of browser, so if you want to do anything trusted in browser you still need to use XBAP.

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In addition to the trusted mode requiring out of browser, I believe it can only access user specific portions of the hard drive, like the users desktop, my documents, etc.

Tim Heuer has a few videos already up on the Silverlight.Net site


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They'll probably restrict the use of unsafe code and PInvoke in Silverlight 4 to a greater degree than in XBAP.

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If I remember reading correctly, you can't do PInvoke in anything Silverlight; full trust out of the browser or not. This would still require XBAP or similar approach. –  JamesEggers Nov 20 '09 at 22:32

I am thinking they will still restrict file-system access in silverlight. Otherwise, how do you know that silverlight app your running isn't depositing something nasty (trojan, virus, etc.) on your hdd? I am sure there are other areas things that silverlight still just won't be allowed to do because of security reasons.

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