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I'm using to import youtube videos into Wordpress. One of the elements I am importing is the URL of the youtube video. I would like to copy this url to a custom field that my theme comes with to display embedded video. I realize that I can import the embedded video from IFTTT to my post but I prefer the formatting that my theme provides when using the video embed custom fields they created.


URL imported to post looks like this:
(example taken from IFTTT I hope the video selection doesn't annoy too much)

I need to copy this to VideoEmbedCustomField like this:

I unfortunately do not have code to work from. I was looking into plugins that update posts. Any help or advice is appreciated.

  1. Import video from YouTube to a Wordpress post using This works.
  2. On import, I need a function that can recognize the URL imported to the post

    example:  <a href="" id="youtubelink" class="ytlink">YouTube Link</a>
  3. If the url exists it will transform the link to 

    and insert it in the custom field

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So what you need to do is transform your first url (with v=blah) to the second (/embed/blah)? – Nathaniel Ford Jul 17 '13 at 22:13
Right, I need to transform the urls. The first url is in the post body. I can add a class or ID to it. I need a way to copy and transform and write this url in the post to a custom field. This would preferably happen when importing the post from YouTube via "If This Then That". – belakbox Jul 18 '13 at 2:49
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So, you need a function in an appropriate place to do this conversion via regex:

public static function convertYouTube($original) {
    $pattern =  '/http:\/\/www\.youtube\.com\/watch\?v=([\w]+)/';
    $replacement = '${1}';
    return $embedLink = preg_replace($pattern,$replacement,$original);

The pattern dictates what part of the input you want to capture. In this case it's the ([\w]+) clause, roughly translating to "grab the sequence of one or more alphanumeric characters" that happen to come after your (properly escaped) constant youtube url.

preg_replace is a php function that will allow you to take the part you grabbed and replace the rest. Now that you have a properly converted url you can drop it into whatever field you need.

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