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I'm using EmguCV to create a Histogram, to do this I need a Bitmap to create an Image<Gray, Byte>.

When I load an image from a file to a Bitmap variable like this:

Bitmap bmpImg = new Bitmap(filepath);

Image<Gray, Byte> emguImg = new Image<Gray, byte>(bmpImg);

The image creation works fine and I'm able to display the image. However, I need to create this image Image<Gray, Byte> emguImg from a structure that comes from my camera.

public struct tFrame
    public IntPtr AncillaryBuffer;
    public uint AncillaryBufferSize;
    public uint AncillarySize;
    public tBayerPattern BayerPattern;
    public uint BitDepth;
    public tFrameCtx Context;
    public tImageFormat Format;
    public uint FrameCount;
    public uint Height;
    public IntPtr ImageBuffer;
    public uint ImageBufferSize;
    public uint ImageSize;
    public uint RegionX;
    public uint RegionY;
    public tErr Status;
    public uint TimestampHi;
    public uint TimestampLo;
    public uint Width;

When I create the Bitmap like this:

Bitmap bmpImg = new Bitmap((int)frame.Width, (int)frame.Height, stride, pxFormat, frame.ImageBuffer);

I'm able to display this image after converting it to BitmapSource, so I'm assuming that until this point my code is right.

When I try to do this:

Image<Gray, Byte> emguImg = Image<Gray, byte>(bmpImg);

I get an error, an exception from Emgu.CV.CvInvoke

My question is .. Why on the first case, when I load the image to a Bitmap and pass this image to Image<Gray, Byte> every thing works fine but when I create the Bitmap from my structure and pass it to Image<Gray, Byte> I get this exception?

I also tried creating my Image like this:

Image<Gray, Byte> emguImg = new Image<Gray, byte>((int)frame.Width, (int)frame.Height, stride, frame.ImageBuffer);

the same error occurs. =\

Help please.

Thank you.


The problem was that one *.dll was missing. If you look the tutorial on EmguCV wiki you'll see that they recomend you to copy a few *.dlls to your debug folder. Well I did that and more, there're 22 *.dlls in emgu's folder, I copied 21 .. and the problem was that missing *.dll one noob move .. so don't forget to copy those *.dlls

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What exception? Probably your library only supports certain pixel formats, or requires alignment, or something like that. –  Ben Voigt Jul 17 '13 at 22:47

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If you get an exception on this line:

Image<Gray, Byte> emguImg = new Image<Gray, byte>((int)frame.Width, (int)frame.Height, stride, frame.ImageBuffer);

What are the values of frame.Width, frame.Height, and stride. Some systems use negative height or negative stride to differentiate top-down from bottom-up pixel order, and your library may be unhappy with that.

Or it could be an alignment issue.

Set a breakpoint in the debugger and see exactly what you're asking the library to do.

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Thank you. Now its working. –  Probst Jul 17 '13 at 23:16
@Probst: So, what was the problem? How did you fix it? Provide information so that this question can help future programmers as well. –  Ben Voigt Jul 17 '13 at 23:22

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