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I'm currently evaluating Neo4J (2.0M3), and in an attempt to get some kind of visualisation and query-exploration (I haven't succeeded yet!), I switched from using the Test DB to an Embedded DB, and have a Server that I can start up when required.

I understand how to get my node and relationship data written to the data directory of my choice (via How to explore databases created by an embedded-Neo4j Java application and stored outside the /data directory?), and how to configure the Server/web console to point to that directory. Sure enough, the Dashboard does show the data counts I expect, but no Cypher query I try - not even the ones that work fine in my unit tests - return any nodes. Simple lookups by name and Id all fail.

Can anyone explain the inconsistency? This happens with a vanilla Server install, with data written to the default graph.db directory, as well as with different directories. The paths under 'Server Info' are all what I expetc to see.

Another thing I don't understand: why can I not have my own Server running, and create a GraphDatabaseFactory/GraphDatabaseService in code that will accept a server URI, which will allow me to use the standard Java API and see live updates in the web console without having to stop/start the server each time?

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Andrew, is there a way to use the web admin to access an embedded database without the server? –  Mafuba Nov 14 '13 at 0:59
I'm afraid I never solved it. In the end I dropped Neo4J and switched to Elasticsearch/Myrrix for what I wanted. –  Andrew Regan Nov 14 '13 at 1:10

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You can set up your embedded java project to even start a server, see http://www.cakesolutions.net/teamblogs/2012/05/23/enabling-neo4j-web-admin-tool-on-the-embedded-server-using-spring-data/

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Thanks for the tip (I'll post a much quicker way to get started later) but it doesn't explain the problem I'm seeing. I can step through my test and see the Web console Dashboard counts go up as I create new Nodes, but the Ids and query results I see in my test don't match what I get in the Console at all. You'd think we were talking about two different datasets, yet Server Info > 'store_dir' matches what I passed to newEmbeddedDatabaseBuilder(...) - so I don't understand what Console is querying... –  Andrew Regan Jul 19 '13 at 23:44

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