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I'm building a webpart in C# for SharePoint with Telerik RadHtmlChart using AJAX. The data is read using LINQ to SQL and takes a while to load. I'm able to bind the data to the chart properly and want to do a drill down when a user click on a line series and refresh the update panel but I want to filter the same data I already have in memory. AJAX does a Page Postback for the web part and re-query's the database when going thru the page lifecycle.

How can I query my data I have in memory without querying the same data over and over again from the DB? I'm thinking of avoiding the postback and using javascript client side code or LINQ.js or making and consuming a REST web service. But this would require some major changes to what I have now. Is there a way to keep the datasource state in a ViewData, ViewBag or Session Variables to keep it on the Server-side? ViewBag or Session

public partial class Budget : UserControl

        static BudgetDataContext db = new BudgetDataContext("Data Source=mydbserver\\instance;Initial Catalog=DB;Integrated Security=true");

        private IEnumerable<vw_Budget> YearData= (from v in db.vw_Budget where v.FiscalYear == "2013" select v).ToList(); //<--- gets called in each postback

...//more code



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I had to solve a similar problem recently -- I ended up storing the data in a JavaScript object. When the control loads, it checks to see if the JavaScript object exists. If so, it can write to a hidden field which can be read by the control code behind. I'd have preferred to do everything client-side, but wasn't able to scope in the refactoring time that would have been necessary. –  Chris Jul 18 '13 at 5:25
Thanks, I would haave preferred the client side, but I went by storing it in a session variable as the number of users is low and did not want to redo everything on the client side. In Sharepoint 2010 I had to run a PowerShell script for storing Session variables as its disabled by default. and then modify the config file page handler to enableSessionState = true, and also add the Serializable attribute on the type to be stored. Here's a link to the steps. nikspatel.wordpress.com/2012/02/12/… –  hagensoft Jul 19 '13 at 17:53

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