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I have a source code (in C) which is formatted and newlines are added in the middle of function calls. for example I have

CALL_A( par1, par2, 12345);

and somewhere else I have

CALL_A(par1, par2

I need to find the numbers being passed as 3rd parameter of function. I have used this sed command to remove the newlines but it doesn't match it:

cat source.c | sed -e ':a; /CALL_A*$/ { N; s/$//; ba; }'

Any suggestions on how to get rid of the newline in the middle of function call?

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Try the following:

sed -e ':a; /CALL_A[^)]*$/{N; s/\n *//; ba}'

Your current version will not work for the following reasons:

  • /CALL_A*$/ won't match the calls, the * in regex repeats the previous element, so you are looking for lines that end with CALL_ and then any number of A. I changed this to /CALL_A[^)]*$/ so that it will match lines that have CALL_A followed by any number of characters that are not ), that way you will not match any lines that have the call on a single line.
  • s/$// won't do anything, $ matches at the end of the line but it does not match the newline character, so replacing it won't do any good. Instead I used s/\n *//, which will remove the newline character and any leading spaces from the next line.
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Thanks! works great. Only thing is that close parenthesis can be replaced by a semicolon so nested parenthesis as parameters are accepted: sed -e ':a; /CALL_A[^;]*$/{N; s/\n *//; ba}' –  hashtpaa Jul 18 '13 at 2:03

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