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Apple has for some time had a tool, AutoIngest.class for downloading iTunes Connect sales and trend reports.

Is there is a similar tool (or modified use of it) to pull the financial reports (more specifically the Earnings report from the "Payments and Financial Reports" page) without manually downloading them for every month/region?

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Yes, the same autoingest tool provided by Apple will also download financial reports. You can find the guide here, which states that the command is run with:

java Autoingestion <properties_filename> <vendor_id> <region_code>
<report_type> <fiscal_year> <fiscal_period>

Notice that the syntax is different from using it for sales reports. E.g. when providing the vendor ID, include two leading zeroes before your vendor ID number.

Thus, I can run it with this command to nominally retrieve the financial report for Canada for 2014 for May (my vendor number obscured):

java Autoingestion login.properties 0080000000 CA DRR 2014 05

Confusingly, this will then download the financial report for 02 (February), even though you specified 05 (May). I.e. this is the output of the command:

File Downloaded Successfully

Thus, as of right now, near the end of June (06), I can run this command:

java Autoingestion login.properties 0080000000 AU DRR 2014 08

and download the May sales:

File Downloaded Successfully

I can only assume that providing 2015 03 will give me the financial report for Dec 2014 when that time comes!

I hope this saves someone else some confusion! I was looking in StackOverflow for the answer and this question seemed most relevant...

Slightly related, I have open sourced a tool at https://github.com/eggheadgames/app_earnings that adds the currency data copy-pasted from the relevant ITunesConnect page and then processes these files into per-app earnings in a single currency, regardless of country of sale. Right now the tool handles Google Play and Amazon Android earnings but I'm actively adding Apple support right now and Apple too.

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As of 5 Nov 2014, this doesn't appear to be working anymore -- perhaps related to the iTunes store changes made recently. (It worked 30 days ago...). I'll update this if I find a workaround. –  mm2001 Nov 6 '14 at 6:10
As of 9 Feb 2015, this is working again, still with the 3 month offset. I.e. fetching 2015 03 resulted in data for 2014 12. –  mm2001 Feb 9 at 17:15

Expanding on mm2001's great answer, I've written a small script to sync the last 12 months of financial reports from iTunes Connect:


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App Sales is an excellent tool for this. You can get it from GitHub: https://github.com/omz/AppSales-Mobile

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