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I have a Maya file exported to OBJ and MTL. I can see the OBJ texture successfully, but how do I actually get the texture in? I looked at the "three.js" format in blender, which appears to be shape only, no texture. From the following example I see here...

..appears to load in the obj fine for the shape, but the texture appears to come from a jpg image and not an mtl...:

loader.load( 'textures/ash_uvgrid01.jpg', function ( image ) {

                    texture.image = image;
                    texture.needsUpdate = true;

                } );

My question is, how do I get this "uvgrid01.jpg" image for my model? Is there some way to convert MTL to this .jpg format for the texture only? Or is there some other way I should be exporting the texture to be able to load it in?

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Just use the OBJMTLLoader and see the example provided with Three.JS:

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Unfortunately, this is no longer true, as OBJMTLLoader has been removed from THREE.js – nachteil Jun 6 at 10:16

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