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My end goal is to have a <Script> line in the _layout that will be generated from Database data. Step 1 for me is to simply display a comment line in the "head" portion of the page. I have a test program that does this just fine. When I copy the code over to my site I get "No route in the route table matches the supplied values." when I run the web. The error is pointing to the @Html.Action("OVars","MyO") statement in _layout.

I have tried to use Glimpse and RouteDebugger but I am not able to get any data on what this route actually is being generated as and then why it is failing. The output from RouteDebugger has a list of about 30 to 40 routes of which only the "Default" route is in Global.asax.cs. So I can only assume that these routes are being created elsewhere in the code.


The controller contains:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Mvc;

namespace MySite.Controllers
    public class MyOController : Controller
        // ChildActionOnly will not allow direct displaying of this page
        public ActionResult OVars()
            return PartialView("_OVars");

The _OVars partialview:

   <!-- Test comment simply for displaying -->


public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)
    ViewEngines.Engines.Add(new RazorViewEngine());


        "Default", // Route name
        "{controller}/{action}/{id}", // URL with parameters
        new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", id = UrlParameter.Optional } // Parameter defaults                

Any suggestions on what to look at would be a help. For all I know there is a parameter set that I am not aware of that needs to be changed.


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Solved (but I do not understand "Areas, something more to learn").

I changed the line @Html.Action("OVars","MyO") to @Html.Action("OVars","MyO", new { area = string.Empty }).

I kept making code changes until I received an error message that when I looked it up found some text similar to "This error could also happen if inside a view in your area, you use the Html.Action helper. This helper will always use the area as a prepend, unless you specifically tell it not to.". The example presented was to add , new { area = string.Empty } to the @Html.Action statement.

Now the @Html.Action is working correctly and I can move forward with having the controller access the database for information.

Next up on the learning agenda is "Understanding Areas".

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Thanks, I was providing the name of the area as a string and banging my head of the desk trying to work out why it wasn't working :) – JMK Aug 29 '14 at 10:21

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