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I'm trying to retrieve CLOB data from an Oracle database using Python 2.7.5.

for row in cursor:
    stream = row[3].read()
    print (stream)

Note: row[3] contains a CLOB.

My code works fine, but after a while, a specific row comes up that halts the program with the error: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'read'.

I've looked at the database and there's absolutely nothing special about the data entry for that row. The exact row it stops on changes depending on what other operations I add in the loop, so my guess is some kind of overflow. Is there too much data being processed in the loop?

Is there an explanation for why the program suddenly halts and sees the CLOB as a NoneType?

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Previously I only looked at the specific database row (using sql query) where the program stopped outputting. I decided to scroll through the hundreds of entries in the database to look further ahead. There was actually a null entry several rows further down.

Looking at the output in the shell just helped me with where to look, but not what exactly to look at.

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