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I am new to NFC. I need to implement point of sale NFC application in Windows 8 Tablet. I could find that windows 8 limited NFC support

for ISO 14443/ISO7816.

I would like to know, is it possible to develop a point of sale application in Windows 8 tablet which can communicate to a NFC smart card using ISO 14443/ISO7816.

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Windows 8 has "support" for NFC via their Proximity API. However this has two issues: It only works for Windows Store apps. Also, the Proximity highly abstract the underlying details of NFC from the application developer. There isn't really a concept of a tag, you are just handed a message (NdefMessage) via an event model.

Most people use PC/SC which gives you very low-level access. PC/SC is what the GoToTags Windows NFC App uses. You could also use of the NFC reader SDKs if you are OK with being tied to a specific NFC reader.

DISCLAMER: I am the CEO of GoToTags

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