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What is the value of "END POINT URL". I am using Jenkins URL="http://localhost:8080". Can you please explain all steps.How to we trigger Jenkins Job when we commit(PUSH) the code in repository.

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Read the manual.

You will find/configure End Point in Manage Jenkins > Configure System.

enter image description here

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replace localhost with your system IP address.Its working fine. –  Naveen kumar Jul 29 '13 at 10:31
For bitbucket account activate the jenkins services use this link. for end point:-SYSTEM_IP_ADDRESS/jenkins/job/PROJECT_NAME/… –  Naveen kumar Jul 29 '13 at 10:35

it's correct change your url below

localhost replace as ip Address instead by

enter image description here

Second image Source by:Jesly Varghese

enter image description here

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To trigger a build ensure that your job can successfully checkout your project first. Then under Build Triggers check Poll SCM

In the text box, set your build trigger to fire within 3 min(or so) of the check-in. This is to reduce CPU load:

trigger within 3 min

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