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I am trying to grab client side info that was queried already for the server side of a POST. Currently working on a friend button that when clicked POST's to a route file, but I am not sure how to grab the user.id associated with it and send it back to Node.JS.

Here is the jade file includes a for loop that has the user.id of each person.

extends layout
block content   
    legend Search Results
    for user in ufirstName 
            p #{user.firstName} #{user.lastName}
        button.addContact Add Contact

Here is the route file: I am trying to figure out what to put on the other side of the friendRequest:

exports.addContactPost = function(req, res, err) {
                friendRequest: req.body.friendRequest
            }, function(err) {
                if(err) {
                    return console.log('error');
                    //return res.render('addContactError', {title: 'Weblio'}); 


                else {
                    alert('Contact added');



This is the script file trying to do the magic:

 //Add friends
     $('.addContact').click(function() {
       {friendRequest: $(this).data('user')});

    if($(this).html!=='Contact Requested') {
        return $(this).html('Contact Requested');
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I would store the ID in the Add Contact link:

button.addContact(data-user=user.id) Add Contact

Amnd get it in the handler

$('.addContact').click(function() {
       friendRequest: $(this).data('user');
    // ...
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Ok this seems to work, but I am having trouble with using $push: {friendRequest: req.body.friendRequest} to push the request in the friendRequest array, it shows with an error in the route file (the err I have setup in the function) –  Lion789 Jul 18 '13 at 15:07

Try this:

button.addContact(onclick="addContact('#{user.id}')") Add Contact


function addContact(userId){
    $.post('/addContact', { friendRequest: userId }, function(result){
        // use result
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