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Does anyone have the IPv6 IP Header (40 bytes) created in java? I have IPv4 header created.

   * Creates IP header for given SIP packet
   * Length of IP header is 20 octets. Below information shall be stored in each octet:
   * Octet-0    -    0x45 (Version and length)
   * Octet-1    -    0x00 (Type of service)
   * Octet-2    -    Upper byte of length of IP header and data
   * Octet-3    -    Lower byte of length of IP header and data
   * Octet-4    -    0x00 (Upper byte of identification)
   * Octet-5    -    0x00 (Lower byte of identification)
   * Octet-6    -    0x00 (Flag)
   * Octet-7    -    0x00 (Fragment Offset)
   * Octet-8    -    0x80 (Time to live)
   * Octet-9    -    0x11 (Protocol  UDP)
   * Octet-10   -    Upper byte of checksum
   * Octet-11   -    Lower byte of checksum
   * Octet-12   -    Source IP address
   * Octet-13   -    Source IP address
   * Octet-14   -    Source IP address
   * Octet-15   -    Source IP address
   * Octet-16   -    Destination IP address
   * Octet-17   -    Destination IP address
   * Octet-18   -    Destination IP address
   * Octet-19   -    Destination IP address
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Maybe wikipedia article will help?

I don't know java syntax, but with C struct notation, it will be something like:

struct ipv6_header
    unsigned int
        version : 4,
        traffic_class : 8,
        flow_label : 20;
    uint16_t length;
    uint8_t  next_header;
    uint8_t  hop_limit;
    struct in6_addr src;
    struct in6_addr dst;

I think, it can be pretty simple to translate this onto your language.

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