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In my app I can successfully receive push notifications. However, if the app is in the background, when I open the app I faced with the last state of the app. What I want is, even if the app is on background, opening the notification should relaunch the app like it is the first time the app is opening. Is that possible?

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In your AppDelegate you could react to the receipt of the notification and restore the application state in a way that is appropriate for your app.

For example if your main view controller is a UINavigationController and the user may have navigated down in the view hierarchy, you could just pop back to the navigation controller's rootViewController:

 [[self navigationController] popToRootViewControllerAnimated:YES];
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I don't know if you could relaunch the app programmatically but if you open the app from a notification the


from the UIApplicationDelegate gets called, then you could do there whatever you want to do

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