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I cannot figure out this issue, even if it does not seem complicated...

I want to make a form to send emails in my rails app but this one does not work. I receive the following error:

TypeError in MessagesController#create: #<Message content: "test", email: "test@test.fr", name: "test"> is not a symbol

Error occurs in: app/controllers/messages_controller.rb:10:in 'create'

1.here is my messages_controller:

class MessagesController < ApplicationController

  def new
    @message = Message.new

  def create
    @message = Message.new(params[:message])
    if @message.valid?
      redirect_to root_url, notice: "Message sent! Thank you for contacting us."
      render "new"

  1. the form new.html.erb:

    <%= form_for @message do |f| %>
        <%= f.text_field :name %>
        <%= f.text_field :email %>
        <%= f.text_area :content, :rows => 5 %>
    <%= f.submit "Send Message" %>
    <% end %>
  2. the Message model built using ActiveAttr:

    class Message
      include ActiveAttr::Model
      attribute :name
      attribute :email
      attribute :content
  3. My Messenger mailer:

    class Messenger < ActionMailer::Base
      default :from => "test@test.com"
      def send(message)
        mail(:to => "test@test.com", :subject => "test")

Thank you for your help!

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I guess the error is in the send.html.erb in Messenger mailer. Can you share the code of send.html.erb? –  Bachan Smruty Jul 18 '13 at 7:13
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1 Answer

replace send with a different method name because it conflicts with the one defined in ruby.


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