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I tried to make a simple report using the Crystal Reports for dot net. But it returned wrong value “5” every time. The correct value is “3”. Here is my result.

Total Laptop 5

And below code that I have used.

Local numberVar cnt := 0:
Local stringVar stv  := {Table_1.Property};
Local numberVar strLen := Count({Table_1.Property});
Local numberVar i;

For i := 1 to strLen do
   If stv = “Laptop”
   Then cnt := cnt + 1
Else cnt := cnt + 0

Where was wrong this code? Thanks:)

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No need for Else cnt := cnt + 0 –  Mohammad abumazen Jul 18 '13 at 8:15
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By assuming that the records are printed in the details section and the formula for the total is located in the footer section, you get the wrong result because in the for loop you are always reading the last record printed in the details section since the footer in being rendered after the details section.

As a solution you can use one of the following methods :

  1. Solution with 2 formulas.

    • Create a formula called ItemCountDetails and add following code.

      Shared NumberVar Cnt;
      if RecordNumber = 1 then
          Cnt:= 0;
      if {Table_1.Property} = "Laptop" then
          Cnt:= Cnt + 1;
    • Drag and drop the formula field somewhere on the details section (where your records will be printed) and suppress it by right clicking on the field -> Format Object -> Common Tab -> and checking the suppress CheckBox.

    • Create another formula called ItemCountFooter and add the following code.

      Shared NumberVar Cnt;
    • Drag and drop the new formula field in the footer section.

  2. Solution with Summary and Grouping.

    • Right click inside a section and select Summary.
    • From the "Choose the field to summarize" select "Property" which is under Table_1.
    • From the "Calculate this summary" select "count"
    • Click insert group and from the common tab select "Property" from the first ComboBox.
    • Close the dialogs by clicking OK. On the report you will see a field for the name of the group and a field for the count.
    • Right click on the GroupHeaderSection1 bar and select Suppress.
    • Right click on the "Count of Table_1.Property" field -> Format Object -> Common Tab -> click the x+2 button which on the right side of the suppress Checkbox and add the following code there

      if GroupName({Table_1.Property}) <> "Laptop" then
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Wow. It's correct. Thank you for your help, David:) –  Karla Jul 19 '13 at 4:25
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