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I'm trying to setup debugging for PHP applications using the following environment:

-Clients: Windows XP, Zend Studio 7, Firefox+Zend Studio Toolbar

-Server: Solaris 5.10 32Bits, Apache 2.2.8, PHP 5.2.5

I'd like to use the Zend Debugger because of its easy integration into Zend Studio, and the profiling abilities; Although I'm aware of the XDebug alternative.

The problem: I can't seem to find the newest version of the Zend Debugger library for Solaris. I tried with an older version of the library, unfortunately Zend Studio spits out this message:

Error while communicating with the debugger.
Possible causes:
1. The Zend Debugger was not properly installed.
2. You are not using the latest Zend Debugger.
3. You are not using the latest version of the Zend Toolbar.

Is there anywhere I could get the source/library for the latest Zend Debugger on Solaris?

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The Zend debugger is a commercial binary-only product by Zend Technologies. If they don't provide it complain to their support.

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