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hi I have documents like so

  domains: "domain1.com", 
  ip: "" 

documents may have different or duplicate domains/ips

I want a view that give me a list of

domain1 => unique ip count for that domain
domain2 => unique ip count for that domain

I know how to get a:

domain => ip count with this map/reduce:

 "map": "function(doc) { emit(doc.domains, 1) }",<br/>
 "reduce": "_sum"

and a group=true parameter

But I can't figure out how to to get a:

domain => unique ip count style list

cheers for any assistance, sorry for my english

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I don't think it will work with just a map/reduce view, but if you combine it with a list function it should be trivial. –  Kim Stebel Jul 18 '13 at 8:56
thanks it not matter to me if a list is involved, i have looked at that as well actually, just rather at a loss at how to accomplish it period at this point. –  thisisnotatest Jul 18 '13 at 13:22

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Write a view with only a map function and no reduce function

function(doc) {
  if (doc.domains) emit(doc.domains, doc.ip);

Then create a list function that counts the unique entries.

function(head, req) {
  var ips = new Array();
  while (row = getRow()) {
    if (ips.indexOf(row) != -1) { 

Warning: code not tested, might contain bugs.

Finally you call the list function on the map view with key set to the domain you want. Note that this solution won't perform very well if you have a large number of IPs per domain.

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As Kim said, it's nearly impossible (or maybe with a very tricky reduce function) to do the whole thing with CouchdDB's Map/Reduce.

However, you could do at least the deduplication part with Map/Reduce in order to get better performance than with Kim's solution.

So, first use a map to index (domain, ip) pairs (values are not important):

function(o) {
  emit([o.domain, o.ip], null);

Then reduce them with a builtin function:


Now, use a list to count unique ips:

function(head, req) {
  var domains = {};
  while (row = getRow()) {
    var d = row.key[0];
    if (d in domains) {
    } else {
      domains[d] = 1;

When you call it, query it with group=true.

Note: I haven't tested the code of the list so you might have to slightly adapt it.

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