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I am using is idoubs to make a video chat app . I have installed idoubs project on a iOS device and one on simulator . I also have created two sip accounts and they are successfully connected to the idoubs server . My problem is how can I make communication between those two devices (One device and simulator) .

How can I send a message or have a video call between them ?

I added my iphone phone number in the simulator's address book and tried to message from the simulator but the device doesn't receive any messages . It shows the error

*INFO: OnDialogEvent(User not found, 6)

Can somebody explain how I can establish connection between them?

Do I need to install idoubs on two devices rather than simulator ?

Does idoubs require phone numbers to connect other device because there is only option to call a number from the idoubs number pad and not with an actual sip username ?

I would be grateful if someone can help me in this.


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you need a SIP Server to register yours users there. –  Phillip Kamikaze Nov 14 '13 at 18:41
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