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I have two tables with a 1:1 relation. I created them using the model first approach of entity framework. Now i want to delete a record, but i can't delete from one table and not the other, when i try i get the following exception:

'A relationship is being added or deleted from an AssociationSet 'FK_lm_ab_profile_lm_profile_master'. With cardinality constraints, a corresponding 'lm_ab_profile' must also be added or deleted.'

i have a profile table with a relationship to ABProfile, i want to delete from profile and AbProfile. they both use profile_id as a PK, and ABProfile has profile_id as a FK

My Code:

        //Get the old profile to see if one already exists
            var oldProfile = context.lm_profile_master.FirstOrDefault(p => p.profile_id.Equals(profileID));

            lm_ab_profile ab = new lm_ab_profile();

            //Check to see if user doesn't already exist
            if (oldProfile != null)

                    //try and specify the relationship between profile and ABProfile using profileID
                    oldProfile.lm_ab_profileReference.EntityKey = new System.Data.EntityKey("luminusEntities.lm_ab_profile", "profile_id", profileID);    

                    //remove found object from the database and persist changes  


How can i specify the two tables are related so when i delete a record from one, the other record get delete also...i set my tables for the Cascading function on the model.

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The situation you described is constraint between tables. You try to affect consistency.

Look at this Delete an object and all of its related entities in Entity Framework and define ON DELETE CASCADE

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Yes i have set that up, but when i try delete a table it asks me to specify the table with the FK, in this case ABprofile reference to profile master in null...that's what i was trying to archive above. –  Ndupza Jul 18 '13 at 8:05
I'm not sure if I understood it correctly. But if you set ON DELETE ACTION correctly it's impossible that ABprofile has null reference to MasterProfile. Maybe you set ON DELETE ACTION = SET NULL ? I'm not a Entity Framework user, but I think it's DB layer problem. –  Łukasz Jul 18 '13 at 8:56
Looks like my object state manager is not organised properly, been debugging, but can't find a thing in this maize –  Ndupza Jul 18 '13 at 9:30

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