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I want to have the result of my query converted to a list of dicts like this :

result_dict = [{'category': 'failure', 'week': '1209', 'stat': 'tdc_ok', 'severityDue': '2_critic'}, {'category': 'failure', 'week': '1210', 'stat': 'tdc_nok', 'severityDue': '2_critic'}]

But instead I get it as a dict, thus with repeated keys:

result_dict = {'category': 'failure', 'week': '1209', 'stat': 'tdc_ok', 'severityDue': '2_critic', 'category': 'failure', 'week': '1210', 'stat': 'tdc_nok', 'severityDue': '2_critic'}

I get this result by doing this :

for u in my_query.all():
     result_dict = u.__dict__

How can I convert sqlAlchemy query result to a list of dicts (each row would be a dict) ?

Help please

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result_dict = [u.__dict__ for u in my_query.all()]

Besides what type of your result_dict before for loop? It's behaviour is rather strange.

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There's no .all()

You can try:

result_dict = [u.__dict__ for u in my_query.fetchall()]
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