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I've read that I can set up a JDBC thin client connection string so that my Java program will attempt to connect to the first database first then, if there's a problem, it will attempt to connect to the second database.

However this isn't happening in practice.

If I use the following string:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION = 
    (ADDRESS = 
      (PROTOCOL = TCP)
      (HOST = site1)
      (PORT = 1521)
    (ADDRESS = 
      (PROTOCOL = TCP)
      (HOST = site2)
      (PORT = 1521)

Now I know that site1 is down and site2 is up. If I specify site2 first in my list then I get a connection (just like I'd expect if I just tried to connect to site2). However when I put site1 first I get the same error as if I tried to connect directly to site1 - which is:

      ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

Does the Oracle thin client require the first database to be working on connect and only failover if something goes wrong during the connection? What I want is for the application to try the next server if the connection to the first server fails (which I could do using try { ... } catch { ... } application logic but would prefer the driver to take care of the details for me).

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Your using the same service_name as your SID. Even if you stop the service MYDB, it'll always find it because of the SID. primary db is in mount mode, so that explains the error you get.

Create a new service_name (other than your SID) and connect on that servicename

For instance: service_name = MYDB_CLIENT

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