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I have a contact form and would like to show individual messages depending on what has failed.I would like to use flash messages. So from what i have read so far i can create a custom method (or i think it just overrides the one in place?)

So for example, i want to validate the presence of the name field

Class Message

attr_accessor :name
validates :name, :presence => true

def validate
 if self.name < 0
  errors.add(:name, "Name cannot be blank")

Within my controller i normally use a generic message

flash.now.alert = "Please Ensure all Fields are filled in"

Is there a way to call the particular message that failed validation?


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There is a plugin available, u can follow the below url

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Check the method validates because you can pass a message argument with the desired message.

validates :name, :presence => {:message => 'The name can't be blank.'}
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how would i display the message in a flash alert? –  Richlewis Jul 18 '13 at 9:03
@Richlewis Check this application for an example. So you have the full application if you have any doubt. –  Paulo Fidalgo Jul 18 '13 at 10:58

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