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I am facing issue in decoding xml response, received from webservice calling.

See below example, How I am using response to decode in original string.

NSString *strInput =@"Chief ShaÊdegaâ¢ihwaâ¢Â´deÊ";
NSString *strOutput =@"";//Expected -- > Chief Shaʔdega•ihwa•´deʔ

strOutput = [strInput stringByDecodingHTMLEntities];

//Actual Output get- > Chief ShaÊdega&aci rc;¢ihwaâ¢Â´deÊ

//Expected out put should be following///////
//Output - > Chief Shaʔdega•ihwa•´deʔ

I am using MWFeedParser for decode from http://stackoverflow.com/a/8148649/1000906 reference

Plz help, Thanks.

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Can you show your code? –  Piyush Dubey Jul 18 '13 at 8:46
@Hardik Darji Ê represents Ê according to thesauruslex.com/typo/eng/enghtml.htm. I doubt the expected. –  Vignesh Jul 18 '13 at 8:48

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