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I have created a button "Share on Twitter" which opens up the url to share on twitter in mobile web browser this works fine on iOS but does nothing on Android.

Is there something I am missing or don't know about?

    var send = 'http://twitter.com/share';
    var url =  'http://example.com/';
    var text = "Example Text";
    var openURL = send + "?url=" + url + "&text=" + text;
    window.open(openURL, '_blank'); // opens url

Nothing happens on Android but works fine on iOS.

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In Trigger apps external pages will by default open in the devices browser, this means you can simply run

window.location = 'http://google.com'

to open an external url in the browser.

If you want a link the user can click then

<a href="http://google.com>Click here</a>

Will also open in the devices browser.

If you want the user to browse an external website within your app you can use the tabs module to open a modal browser window the user can close and return to your app. See https://trigger.io/docs/current/api/modules/tabs.html

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@Connerhd that does not work at all, at least window.open would work on iOS window.location does nothing at all and does the same as window.open on Android devices. Its strange because i was sure that that window.open use to work. Has there been an update that could have broken this? –  Eli Stone Jul 20 '13 at 11:18
Another note even standard anchor link does not work <a href="http://google.com" type="_Blank">Link</a> but if type="_Self" it does work but no way back into the app. –  Eli Stone Jul 21 '13 at 10:45
@Eli both window.open and <a> links work for me on iOS and Android. I've also updated my answer with a link to details on the tabs module, which might suit your needs better. –  Connorhd Jul 22 '13 at 8:29
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