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I have this requierment: From Customers table –return the prefix for phone numbers. I tryed with strings as by splitting the fullname into first/last name but it works only the one for the number. The full nb format is (258) 1231456

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Can you please explain/add to question, little more detailed. You have varchar field like (258) 1231456 and you need to select only 258? –  mirkobrankovic Jul 18 '13 at 9:17
If the prefix is always in the parenthesis you can apply substring and charat methods. substring(charat('('), charat(')')) –  altsyset Jul 18 '13 at 9:26

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SELECT '(258) 1231456' org,
   TRIM(SUBSTRING_INDEX(TRIM(LEADING '(' FROM '(258) 1231456'), ')', 1)) prefix,
   TRIM(SUBSTRING_INDEX(TRIM(LEADING '(' FROM '(258) 1231456'), ')', -1)) number;
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Base from what understand you can use substring(string,position,length) for example

SELECT SUBSTRING(phonenumbercolumn,1,3) AS prefix 
FROM customer;
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in that case it returned (25 And wahat in case when there is (1), or (333) as prefix or even (+48 222) –  jaczes Jul 18 '13 at 9:26

You can use the MySQL function SUBSTRING_INDEX which does a nice job of splitting a string using a character delimiter. So in your case you use ')' as a delimiter and return everything to the left. That way it doesn't mater if the number is like (+48 222) – or like (333). Note the number 1 indicates the first appearance of your delimiter so you have to be careful if you have so many ')' chars.

SELECT SUBSTRING_INDEX('(258) 1231456', ')', 1);
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