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I want to get size of Oracle table field(Column), I try below query

 select data_type, data_length 
  from user_tab_columns
 where table_name = 'CRM_CHANGE_REQ'
   and column_name = 'RNO';

it gives 22 but real size is 4,so give suggestion what can i do?

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check DATA_PRECISION and DATA_SCALE. DATA_PRECISION will be 4 in your case. DATA_SCALE gives the decimal part. In your case it will be 0 – rags Jul 18 '13 at 9:27
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DATA_LENGTH column stores maximum length in bytes required to store values for a datatype of a given column.

For NUMBER it is always 22 bytes, regardless of the precision and scale (1 byte for exponent, 20 bytes for a mantissa and 1 byte for negative sign).

For NUMBER datatype you should look at DATA_PRECISION and DATA_SCALE columns if you want to find the precision and scale defined for a column.

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1 Byte or bit for negative? – UnKnown Dec 11 '15 at 2:22

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