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This url returns a huge html page which is for watching the video.

I can't go through all the HTML tags and get the right url to the actual video. I believe there is a url from where the actual video stream is coming. I expect it to be something like,

I can't find any information about the correct url for the video.

Is this how YouTube maintain it's video link or their is something else?

Do they always change the url?

I want to do something like this in HTML to play the video.

<video width="320" height="240" controls autoplay>
        <source src="" type="video/mp4">

(I am new to how YouTube works. Need some guidance)

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You can use youtube-dl to download or get the stream url from YouTube.

to download a video,



youtube-dl some_id

to get the stream url, do

youtube-dl -g

Basically the url is parsed from the html source code of the original page.

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the recommendation is awesome. However, the -g flag doesn't work for me. Any clues? Thanks! – Brian Jan 19 at 16:06
It's working for me. Try installing the latest version from here Checkout the documentation too. Regards – Junaid Mar 13 at 6:36

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