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I'm trying to run an automated vbs script that clicks on a link on a page. I have things of the form:

IE.Visible = true  
IE.navigate ("")

How do I then make it click on a link on that page that doesn't have an ID but is like

<a href="link">ClickMe!</a>


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I'm presuming you know the value of the link (ie: ClickMe!)? – C. Ross Nov 20 '09 at 18:08
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Along the lines of

Dim LinkHref
Dim a

LinkHref = "link"

For Each a In IE.Document.GetElementsByTagName("A")
  If LCase(a.GetAttribute("href")) = LCase(LinkHref) Then
    Exit For  ''# to stop after the first hit
  End If

Instead of LCase(…) = LCase(…) you could also use StrComp(…, …, vbTextCompare) (see StrComp() on the MSDN).

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