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This is a very simple question.

Basically this is my case:

var newViewInstance1 = new MyView();

Now, later, I want to show the View (which is a static one) again in the same layout region . There may or may not have been a different view in that region in the meantime.

Is there any difference between these two:

myLayout.myRegion.show(newViewInstance1) //again

var newViewInstance2 = new MyView();

If I do the latter, for example, will newViewInstance1 be left hanging around?


--Justin Wyllie

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There's no real difference beyond the view initalization (e.g. if you're fetching or computing information in the view's initialize function).

In any case, when a region shows a view, it closes any open views in that region. So, no: newViewInstance1 won't be left hanging around in the second case.

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