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I try to check for a given RegExp-rule in a string and need to get the current matching rule.

Here's what I've tried so far:

var prefixes = /-webkit-|-khtml-|-moz-|-ms-|-o-/g;
var match;
var str = '';

while ( !(match = prefixes.exec(str)) ) {
    str += '-webkit-';
    console.log(match); // => null

The match is null, but how can I get the current matching-rule (in this case -webkit-)?

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You aren't asking for any groups in your regex, try surrounding your regex in parenthesis to define a group, e.g. /(-webkit-|-khtml-|-moz-|-ms-|-o-)/g.

Various other issues, try:

var prefixes = /(-webkit-|-khtml-|-moz-|-ms-|-o-)/g;
var match;
var str = 'prefix-ms-something';

match = prefixes.exec(str);
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Mhh, doesn't work likewise: jsbin.com/abisim/1/edit –  yckart Jul 18 '13 at 12:06
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var prefixes = /(-webkit-|-khtml-|-moz-|-ms-|-o-)/g;
var str = "-webkit-adsf-moz-adsf"
var m;
while(m = prefixes.exec(str))
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