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I have a project in NetBeans with JUnit tests. I made a change to a method return type in a dependent project, and the app runs fine. But when I run the JUnit test from inside NetBeans I get a NoSuchMethodError. I made sure to clean and build.

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Did you try a restat of netbeans? Shouldn't be necessary but you never know ^^ –  codymanix Nov 20 '09 at 18:21
I didn't try restarting NetBeans, but that may have worked. If you read my answer, you'll see I suspect it's a NetBeans caching bug. –  Liron Yahdav Nov 20 '09 at 19:56

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The solution was to make a change (any change) to the class which was making the call to the changed method. I then saved the class, then undid the change and saved the class. Then running the JUnit test inside NetBeans worked. It seems like a bug with NetBeans caching. I've had strange issues like this before and I've had to close NetBeans, delete the NetBeans cache folder, and restart NetBeans. But it seems like making a change to that class (and then undoing it) was enough to fix the NetBeans cache.

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